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Surprise:Dencia Drops Her Debut 13 Track Album

Pan African Artist, Dencia, hopes to bring inspiration and a strong female voice with her unique true life lyrics and beats.The Glamour girl opens the album with “OLUWA”, a traditional African song from a conversation with her mother; followed by high tempo love song "let me see u dance”, inspired by HER relationship with a dude who loves dancing.Dencia asks for Redemption with "Redeem”, Whether a thumping chant with clipped delivery "Rollam shakeAm”), or a playful duet ("Yangele"),Dencia uses the song "Savage" to let u know she isn't the girl to play with but when Dencia’s voice cracks with sorrow on "Torcami mi amor", it shows the independent woman still wants love.with great melodies and lyrics, “African energy” 2:0 comes in with a choir and Dencia closes her album with a short story of her life with a low melodic sound “live ur life”.

Dencia Sings in 8 different languages on Her Album

Download on iTunes here iTunes link to album

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