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International Pop Star Dencia Releases Official US debut Single "Rodeo Dr"

"Rodeo Dr" is a key release for DENCIA, as well as being the single to launch her forthcoming EP, it will be her debut single release in the U.S. DENCIA's as yet-untitled EP will be released in the USA in 2016. The song which is available on iTunes,spinlet,googleplay and other digital outlets is an upbeat, energetic dance/pop song with outstanding reviews and feedback from industry executives, critics and insiders who have listened to the single prior to its release. "I love Rodeo and as a young girl born and raised in Africa, my dream was to be able to do all the things I sing about and it has happened. Everyone wants to be able to work hard and shop on Rodeo Dr at some point in their life, quality over quantity," states DENCIA. The song is expected to be in heavy rotation as most DJs and radio program directors have asserted that it's a potential hit that embodies a fusion of Dance and EDM that will keep you on your toes fist pumping and dancing. The song was recorded in Hollywood, California and features amazing lyrics with an intro in French.

"I love music, beauty and fashion and this track fuses all three. It's a song about my obsession with fashion with an upbeat tempo and catchy melodies," states DENCIA.

The singer further states, "I don't want to be boxed in a specific musical genre. I have many original fashion and musical styles, and hope people like my music because I write and record songs from my heart. I've put my heart in it, literally," explains DENCIA. "The single is my resurrection. I got myself together. I had amazing people around me. I went back to the drawing board and re recorded this song which was originally recorded in 2011 but I never released it because the African market which was my target at the time wasn't ready for this sound."

DENCIA will embark on a media tour in the U.S. and Europe this fall to promote the song "Rodeo Dr". DENCIA is also releasing a fragrance and sneaker collection which will be available exclusively on her website this November.

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Rodeo Dr

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